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Parenting the Internet – As a parent, you face unprecedented hurdles today and a big one is the Internet.
Covenant Eyes is committed to educating parents and helping families safely navigate the Web. We hope this free e-book for parents is a valuable resource for you. Download it now!

5 Hidden Dangers Facing You And Your Family:


Recently, we have been introduced to a product called Covenant Eyes. In brief, Covenant Eyes not only filters websites for objectionable material but, Covenant Eyes also sends reports to accountability partners you select. This program is not only designed for keeping kids away from harm, it is for the church, business, adults with temptations, places where you want yourself and employees to be held accountable for their internet browsing. No Dad or Mom, Pastor or Business owner wants to admit that this would ever happen but……… does.

We all know the problem with internet content is everywhere; the church is no exception. Let me encourage you to check it out and try it for 30 days free. There is no price too high for conquering or preventing this troublesome issue. Read about it, pray about it, then go from there and hopefully you or someone you know will finally be on the road to freedom from the chains of internet bondage. Here is a link for you to further investigate. Be sure to use the promo code “Accountedfor“.

Quoted from Covenant Eyes

What is the purpose of Covenant Eyes?
The Covenant Eyes Accountability program was developed to change people’s lives. We, at Covenant Eyes, have a strong desire to make available to everyone the ability to foster self-control, self-discipline, integrity, and personal accountability when using the Internet. Job 31:1 states, “I have made a covenant with my eyes.” It is our stated purpose to provide a tool enabling Internet users to maintain that covenant, regardless of whether their temptation is pornography, gambling, or simply time spent on the Internet. Our goal is to honor God, our families, and our relationships in the way that we use the Internet by establishing accountability with others. Covenant Eyes is the tool that accomplishes this goal.
We at Covenant Eyes have a passion for battling the problem of Internet pornography. This problem is devastating churches, businesses, and families. And we believe that monitoring with accountability is the best means of combating this problem. In fact, Covenant Eyes has pioneered Internet monitoring with a software program that provides a complete record of Internet activity on a user’s computer.
Finally, the recently released Covenant Eyes Filter software provides users with another weapon to combat the intrusion of pornography into their lives and, in combination with the Accountability software, provides a wide range of options for people to develop integrity on the Internet.


One thought on “Covenant Eyes

  1. Next you should write a Southern Gospel melody about Covenant Eyes. Maybe a something about Job 31:1, Job making a covenant with his eyes, and how we need to turn our eyes from objectionable material online.

    You guys sound great, by the way!

    Luke Gilkerson
    Internet Community Manager
    Covenant Eyes

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